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Coordinator’s Youth Programs – Forms

2023 Timeline


Zoom calls or visits to schools, posters or other info delivered or sent, promotional video shown – I am happy to do any of these options with you! Please set up time with me.

January 27

Email Ashley Graham with estimated number of students who will attend Youth Day and number of paid participants going on Youth Tour by cooperative.


Follow-ups to schools

February 10

Send letters to legislators about Youth Day date ~ March 29, 2023




February 24

FIRM Deadline – complete count/participation form (names, address, school, boy/girl, t-shirt sizes, chaperone telephone number)

Please keep in contact with the students for travel plans, getting their interview forms to you (if applicable), etc. so you won’t have any surprise “No Shows” on March 29.  Also, as soon as you have the interview forms, please send me a copy, electronic preferred, so the judge can look over ahead of time. We are requesting those to be sent to AIEC by March 17

March 8

Follow-up phone calls to legislators to check and see if Youth Day is on their calendar.

March 17

Deadline to send interview forms to Ashley Graham.
Deadline to let Ashley know of any replacements and to send final count– to avoid late cancellation charges

March 29

Youth Day, President Abraham Lincoln Hotel (arrive and register 8:15-8:30 a.m.)

After Youth Day

News releases sent to local newspapers/by AIEC

Thank you notes to legislators/by co-ops

Thank you notes to schools sending students – perhaps group picture

Sending each board director a picture and note/by co-ops

Thank you letters/complimentary pictures to legislators/by AIEC

Thank you letters, complimentary pictures to special Youth Day guests/by AIEC

April 6

Deadline to provide AG with names & information of Youth Tour winners & “Willies”

April 14

Online Registration should be completed for all attendees/and possible Willie Wiredhands

Deadline for deposit ($900- 1/2 payment) for “Willie” participants

Deadline for Social Media Contract, Medical Form (online), Rules & Expectations forms to Ashley Graham

Contact your winners to DC and let them know how they will get to Springfield for June 16 departure, or if it’s their responsibility to get to Springfield. (The bus will again leave Mt.Vernon for the southern cooperatives.)

May 12

Deadline for Chip-n-Pop Co-op forms to be completed
Deadline for Youth Leadership Applications and Essays to be turned into AG

May 31

Deadline for second payment for “Willie” participants ($900)

June 16-23

“Youth to Washington” Tour

After Youth Tour

News releases sent to local newspapers/by AIEC
Thank you letters, co-op pictures to legislators/by AIEC

In order for a student to be eligible to apply for the Youth Leadership they must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit the Youth Leadership Application and send a short essay (300-500 words) on the subject of “Leadership: what it means to me and how I can make a contribution on the YLC, my co-op and my community.”-to AG-by May 12
  • The student must have at least one more year of high school left to apply
  • Attend the AIEC Annual Meeting in Springfield, IL — August 3, 2023
  • Attend the NRECA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX- March 1-6, 2024
  • Attend the Illinois Electric and Telephone Cooperatives Youth Day in Springfield, IL — March or April of 2024
  • Be sponsored on “Youth to Washington” tour by a cooperative – they can not pay their own way on the Youth to Washington tour – Willie Wiredhand – 2022 Price $1,800.


A cooperative that sends a student with special needs, such as wheelchair, interpreter/signor or other medical needs, will be responsible for any additional costs, and may need to provide a specialized chaperone.