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Webinar Weeks Series Two Archive

Heat & Cold Stress, Layering and High Performance FR

2019 KRTA Results and Trends for Illinois Co-ops


Brad Sipes – Director of Business Development, Lakeland Industries

Webinar Description: In this webinar will be we will learn about heat and cold stress and more about moisture wicking technology. We will also cover how to layer correctly and the impact that High Performance FR has layering.


Brian Stagen, CPA – Regional Vice President- National Rural Electric Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC)

Webinar Description: CFC’s KRTA—Key Ratio Trend Analysis—has been called one of the best tools in our industry. This five-year benchmarking review can be used by a distribution cooperative’s management and board to make more sound financial decisions based on cooperative trends detailed in the report. On Tuesday, January 12, Brian Stagen, CFC Regional Vice President, will reveal and discuss the statewide KRTA results for 2019 and what the data means to the Illinois electric cooperative community. Key areas of the cooperatives will be reviewed.

Outage Management

Multi-Channel Member Engagement


Brad Austin – Engineering/Operations Manager, Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association
Jared Kampwerth – Engineer – Clinton County Electric Cooperative
Bill Weber – Smart Grid Solution Specialist- Fletcher-Reinhardt Company

Radio Based Advanced Metering Infrastructures provide unlimited amounts of data to assist utilities with their operations. Automated Real-Time Outage Management and Restoration Reporting is a key benefit that operationally improves how rural cooperatives recover from outages. Brad Austin, Engineering/Operations Manager, Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association and Jared Kampwerth, Engineer, Clinton County Electric Cooperative, discuss how this new tool has changed their thinking and their operations. Bill Weber, Smart Grid Solution Specialist, Fletcher-Reinhardt Company, will explain why a well-engineered approach to Outage Management works so well.


Brianna Govoni – Senior Manager, Business Development- HomeServe USA
Kim Dailey – Inside Sales Manager, Business Development- HomeServe USA

Webinar Description: Multi-channel engagement has never been more important, as cooperative members are financially stressed and in need of solutions to ensure their homes are safe, comfortable and in good working order. This session will explore programs being offered by cooperatives to enhance relationships and deliver important services to members. It will also address best practices for leveraging existing and new communication tools and technologies to deepen member engagement with Millennials, low- and moderate-income citizens, and other key demographic segments.

Navigating Your Safe Electricity Resources

Wildlife Mitigation- Solutions for Preventing Wildlife Outages


Kerri Taylor – Member Services Manager, EEC – Safe Electricity

Webinar Description: We will cover all the membership resources Illinois Cooperatives have available to them on our member-site to help educate the public on the hazards around electricity. As well as resources we have for internal safety, first responders and some COVID resources we have available. We will touch on communication tools like social media packages and our monthly editorial calendar and go over the wide variety of topics we provide educational resources on.


Darren Barker – Senior Product Specialist, Hubbell Power Systems
Greg Dinehart – Territory Manager, Hubbell Power Systems

Webinar Description: Examine options from off the shelf wildlife cover up for your distribution system to precise fit substation solutions. We’ll look at design considerations such as material, UV resistance, fit, and kitted solutions and we’ll examine case studies detailing the impact of utilizing wildlife mitigation products.

Building and Active Grid with IoT

Wood Pole Alternatives for Storm Hardening


Lauren Nelson – Principal Architect Emerging Technologies, Verizon Business Group
Sam Gregg – Manager, Product Development, Verizon Utility Solutions

Webinar Description: During this webinar, we will cover key areas to simplify how your grid works with an intelligent IoT platform. An overview of Verizon’s smart grid technology, this event will cover Verizon’s staple product line for intelligent energy. Grid Wide by Verizon offers a comprehensive service including managed and balanced loads, monitor outages and events in near real time, and simplify billing with seamless integration. In many scenarios, our solution lowers total cost of ownership and guarantees technology and longevity.


Marc Dray – Regional Sales Manager, McWane Poles

Webinar Description: This webinar will cover wood pole alternatives that could “harden” your system, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of those, including ductile iron poles.

Outdoor and Remote Asset Protection

Winter Driving Preparation and Safety


Mark Colton – Business Manager, CRC- Cooperative Response Center

Webinar Description: Learn how electric utilities are protecting outdoor and remote assets using video verification and live monitoring.

Participants will learn the following:

1) What is video verification
2) How are electric utilities being affected by vandalism/theft and what are they doing to counter it
3) Technical requirements for a video verification solution
4) Resources required for a video verification solution
5) Expected results from a well deployed video verification solution


Matt Eisenmenger, CLCP – Safety Instructor, AIEC

Webinar Description: Learn about winter weather driving basics, from driving conditions to vehicle preparation.

Conductor Vibration and the Helical Theory

Switches 101


Mark Burns – Distribution Market Manager, Preformed Line Products

Webinar Description: This webinar will cover wind induced conductor vibrations like aeolian vibration and galloping. Natural conditions and how external forces affect various conductor bodies will be discussed. Helical conductor hardware also relates to conductor motion and will be included in the presentation.


Wayne Kantarek, CLCP – Electroswitch

Webinar Description: This webinar will provide an overview of utility switches and relays.

Market Variability Trends Among Copper Grounding Products

Siemens Ruggedcom Cybersecurity for OT- Defense in Depth


Lora Aboulmouna – Associate Product Manager, Copperweld Bimetallics, LLC
Anthony Hale – Regional Manager, Copperweld Bimetallics, LLC

Webinar Description: The industry standard for copper grounding conductors varies from The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM ), which may not be harmonized. While copper wire may meet the minimum requirements on one spectrum under ASTM manufacturing standards, but it falls short on IEEE Standard 80 for fault current rating. Overall conductor diameters vary from one manufacturer to another. This inherent variance needs to be addressed especially when referencing standards in comparison to copper-clad steel wire.


Jeff Foley – Business Development Manager, Siemens Ruggedcom

Webinar Description: An in depth presentation for Cybersecurity for OT networks by Siemens Ruggedcom:

Cyber Security Attacks
Defense in Depth
Internet Technology vs. Operational Technology
Secure Industrial Control Network

Utility Products Update

LED Fixture Troubleshooting


Gary Burnett – Executive Vice President, United Utility Supply Cooperative
Justin Breden – Engineer, United Utility Supply Cooperative

Webinar Description: This webinar will provide an overview of United Utility Supply Cooperative.


Martin Garza – Field Service Technician, Acuity Brands Lighting

Webinar Description: In this webinar, we will cover the following LED Fixture issues and troubleshooting of those issues.

Some Basics
What’s in a fixture?
LED – Light Emitting Diode 1 & 2
Types of Fixtures
Erratic operation
Partial operation
Fixture to Fixture operational differences usually lumen output, could also be at various dim levels