Webinar Weeks

MSDSonline- Account Overview

Donald Smuskiewicz – VelocityEHS

Webinar Description: This webinar will provide an open session to discuss Chemical Management, your MSDSonline account and best practices, as well as answer any questions. Several AIEC co-ops are currently using this program, and this webinar will be directed toward new and existing customers.

GeoForCo-ops: State of the Industry and Technology

Ryan Dougherty – Geothermal Exchange Organization

Jim Sayers – Geothermal Exchange Organization

Will Lange – Geothermal Exchange Organization

Webinar Description: Rural Electric Cooperatives have been long time supporters and promoters of geothermal heat pumps – the all-electric, dependable and affordable solution to energy efficient heating and cooling for co-op members. This presentation will include an Introduction to the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO), its goals and activities, GEO’s efforts at the state and national level to enhance/continue legislation and policies advancing the geo heat pump industry, a refresher on geothermal system operation and loop heat exchange options, the latest advances in residential and commercial/industrial scale geothermal technology, and how cooperatives can work together to successfully encourage and promote geo.

Power Transformer Life Cycle Management

Larry Rudolf, PE – Senior Engineer- Alpha Engineering

Webinar Description: Presentation discusses asset management of power transformers. Explains the total life cost of the transformer and strategies to optimize life and while reducing cost.

Agenda includes:

  • What is Asset Life Cycle Management?
  • Basic Design and Function of a Power Transformer.
  • Failure Modes of a Power Transformer.
  • Importance of a Detailed Purchase Specification.
  • Transformer Testing – Different Tests at Different Times.
  • Developing an Efficient Maintenance Program.
  • Maintaining Documentation on Each Transformer.
  • •Contingency Planning for Trouble or Failure Events.

Richards Medium Voltage (15-35kV) Product Design Advancements

David Brehmer – Western U.S. Sales Manager, Richards Manufacturing

Webinar Description: Review some basic 15-35kV Medium Voltage deadfront cable cable accessory and component designs that have been in use in the utility power industry for decades. Following this review, we will share some slides of recent product design innovations that are reducing the number of components and the number of phase to ground interfaces in play. Will discuss ergonomic benefits of these innovations.

IREAP Overview

Ambyr Crawford – Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Thad France– Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Webinar Description: IREAP is a 4-year lineman apprenticeship program that is open to co-op, municipal and other employed apprentices.  Each apprentice is registered with the Department of Labor and will receive a DOL certificate upon their completion in the IREAP program.  As this program has grown over the years the technology has also changed to help track apprentices.  We will give an overview of the program, DOL registration, and tracking and retention of information. This is recommended for potential and existing apprentices/employers.

Supply Chain Attacks: SolarWinds Was Just the Beginning

Vaughn Williams – Senior Security & GRC Assessor, InfoSight, Inc.

Webinar Description: Have the recent supply chain attacks kept you awake at night? Have you wondered how these types of attacks occur and what you can do to protect yourself?

It’s a fact, experts say the amount of other software infected by this attack may not be known for years!

Join us for an informative dive into supply chain attacks with a focus on the SolarWinds breach. We’ll discuss how it occurred, how it was detected, who was behind it, how SolarWinds could have prevented it, and most importantly, what your organization can do to protect itself from these types of attacks.

Wireless Troubleshooting Techniques

Tisha Hayes – Senior Engineer, 4RF USA

Webinar Description: Our presentation will familiarize utility communications, telecomms and communications engineers and technicians with the basics of troubleshooting a modern digital wireless system.

Voltage Optimization and the Effects of DERs on the Grid

Edward Kobeszka – Business Development Director, Power Engineers

Webinar Description: This presentation discusses how voltage affects the grid from the substation to the end consumer and how the injection of DERs affects the voltage profile. The presentation will discuss problems and solutions to mitigate effects of DERs from load reduction techniques to voltage optimization.

Anchoring: Selections, Tips, and Tooling

Tim Staelens –Anchoring Product Manager, Hubbell Power Systems

Webinar Description: Learn about proper utility anchor selection, different types of anchors, installation and application tips, and the proper tooling to install anchors all from the experts at Chance Anchors (HPS).

Distribution Arrester Application and Selection

Patrick Corley – Application Engineer, Arrester Business Unit, Hubbell Power Systems

Webinar Description: Learn the fundamentals of what a distribution arrester does, how they are constructed, design considerations, selecting the proper arrester for your application, and insulation coordination. We will cover the basics and dive into applications and selection criteria.

Utility Underground and Above Ground Enclosures

Paul Tramm –Market Manager- Electric Utility Enclosures, Hubbell Power Systems

Webinar Description: Dive into the proper selection criteria for underground and above ground utility enclosures. Learn how different materials and manufacturing methods impact design criteria such as weight, strength, durability, and appearance and how that can help determine the proper enclosure for any application.

MSDSonline- Compliance Calendar

Donald Smuskiewicz – VelocityEHS

Webinar Description: This webinar will provide an open session to discuss Compliance Calendar, your MSDSonline account and best practices, as well as answer any questions. Several AIEC co-ops are currently using this program, and this webinar will be directed toward new and existing customers.

How to build a landing page with Energized’s visual page editor & Quick Tour of ICL’s new website

Chris Reynolds –Manager of Creative Services, Energized Graphics

Webinar Description: Control every aspect of your web design from one place. With our simple, powerful and flexible website builder you can create anything you want. Join our webinar and see what you can do with 100% visual design.

From Customer Request to As Built, No Paper Needed: The Digital Advantage of Paperless Processes

David Shaw – Business Development Manager, Futura Systems

Webinar Description: Is it really possible to achieve a fully paperless approach to the staking process, from the initial point of request to the final “all done?” Absolutely! By implementing digital tools for each step in the process, employees no longer need face-to-face interaction to exchange information and pass papers from one stage to the next. Workers can start their day from home, gathering their digital intel without a trip to the office for paperwork. Crews can react immediately with info on their mobile devices. Most importantly, work can proceed in any situation, including mandated social distancing.

Presentation Learning Objectives:

  1. Uncover what it takes to convert a paper process to fully digital process
  2. Understand the numerous advantages of a paperless process, from data integrity to social distancing
  3. Explore mobile solutions for a paperless environment

Beneficial Analytics: Where Can Your Data Really Help You Stop Losses in Both Expenses and Efficiency?

Sheila Orrell – Business Development- SEDC

Webinar Description: With today’s cooperatives, efficiency is key. Whether you have one office or multiple offices and whether you have a compact service area or you are spread over multiple counties, you cannot simply “guess” the best way to find efficiencies. Advanced analytics are changing the way utilities see their business processes, needs, and challenges. We will explore use cases where handcrafted dashboards are flushing out inefficiency and fine-tuning processes across the entire utility, from billing to accounting and beyond. You will see how the data you already have can help you solve problems and save your employees’ time and energy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand different ways your data can be used to benefit your co-op
  • Identify areas in your organization that can benefit from better reporting

So, You Want to Livestream Your Virtual Annual Meeting?

Paul Dow – Coordinator of Video Productions, AIEC

Webinar Description: This presentation will offer a look into the production capabilities offered by the AIEC Member Services Department.