Webinar Weeks

Don’t Get Caught Unprotected

Is Your Distribution System Ready for Solar?

Sean Middleton – Director of Strategy and Operations, Finley Engineering Company, Inc.

Webinar Description: Due to the expansive growth of solar distributed generation, engineers must take proactive steps to adapt their legacy systems. The non-inductive load characteristic of solar inverters creates a new challenge which must translate into more robust system protection schemes. This presentation will give real examples of distribution interconnected systems with lessons learned on best practices for protection system modeling and technological advancement.

Smartphone Apps to Replace Paper for Utility Field Work

Michael Haeflich – Executive Vice President, iRestore

Webinar Description: Today’s smartphones are more powerful than the supercomputers of yesterday. iRestore’s suite of mobile-first utility apps for electric, gas and water utilities truly harness that awesome computing power, enabling users to perform a wide range of critical functions from their smartphones, beyond just basic mobile communications.

Thermal Drone Uses and Applications

Kevin Reinhardt – Engineer, Fletcher-Reinhardt
Brett Kanda – Business Development Manager – UAS Products, FLIR

Webinar Description: How and why to use a drone for Utility inspections. Why thermal is a good addition to your drone and how to utilize the data

Legal and Government Relations Update

Nick Reitz – Vice President of Government Relations, Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives
Craig Sondgeroth – General Counsel, Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Webinar Description: Nick and Craig will cover a variety of topics related to the current state of legal and government affairs on both state and the national level.

How EMCs are Staying Resilient with Simplified Infrastructure Management

Jared Pexa – Lead Systems Engineer, Scale Computing
Dan Brower – Regional Sales Manager, Scale Computing

Webinar Description: Now more than ever, EMCs need a streamlined business resiliency plan that ensures data is secure and that employees can work from anywhere, anytime. The first step in making this plan successful ensures that the solutions IT Managers select are simple to implement, manage, and maintain.

Distribution Situational Awareness Provides Improved System Reliability and Member Satisfaction

Gary Moody – Regional Sales Director, Aclara
Jon Mars – Account Manager, Brownstown Electric Supply
Dave Maloney – Senior Application Engineer, Aclara

Webinar Description: During these times of COVID-19, getting remote visibility of grid power flow conditions, actionable events, direct fault location and oscillography are invaluable to effectively manage grid operations and minimize unnecessary field dispatches. Increasing member satisfaction and service reliability has become the main objectives for today’s coop power utilities. Because our electric system has transformed into a dynamic, active, bidirectional, intermittent one, operational visibility and distribution situational awareness are a must have capabilities.

Practical Integration of Smart Grid Data

Hala Ballouz – President, Electric Power Engineers, Inc.

Webinar Description: How electric cooperatives can cleverly leverage and integrate smart meter data and network models to bring significant value to asset management. The drive to present is to help our industry navigate through the complexities of the introduction of new technology in the move to modern grids, with one common goal: prepare for the future while sustaining reliable and economic operation in a practical way, keeping cooperatives in control of how it is done and how it can be done affordably.

Fiber Solutions for Rural Electric Utilities

Molly Huntley – Senior Product Specialist, Anixter Inc.

Webinar Description: As we are all aware, the current pandemic has resulted in increased internet usage, making rural networks more important than ever. This realization has put pressure on Co-ops to become service providers as fast as possible.

Introduction to Distribution Automation

Erik Brandstaedter – Sr. Business Development Manager, G&W Electric

Webinar Description: Need to improve your system reliability? Not sure how much you can automate based on your budget? Join us for an application-focused webinar to get inspired by what others have done and learn about Distribution Automation possibilities for your system!

Backup Best Practices

Kevin Jackson – Senior Account Manager, Vista IT Group

Webinar Description: This webinar will focus on backup best practices and strategies, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery plans, using the Veeam Backup & Replication data protection and disaster recovery solution.

Broadband: Things That Surprised Us

Kevin Kloehn – Vice President of Customer Relations, Vantage Point Solutions

Webinar Description: You decided on broadband. Now what? Hear what surprised Gibson EMC, and how they adjusted. Then, from state and federal reporting obligations to CALEA compliance, we’ll walk through the considerations that tend to surface as you get further into deployment For any cooperative considering, or already deploying, broadband, this is a can’t-miss session to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Beyond the business plan, feasibility analysis, and network design, these are the elements critical to the success of your operation.

Preservative Migration Review

Steven Borris – Regional Sales Manager, Stella Jones
Dean Anderson – Director US Pole Sales, Stella Jones

Webinar Description: This webinar will be covering the Penta preservative winddown and transitioning to new preservatives, as well as discussing all the options that cooperatives will have to choose from.

Drone (UAS) Inspections on Overhead Systems

Kevin Faus – Senior Business Development Manager, Exelon Clearsight
Roy Palk – Advisory Board Member, New Horizons Consulting

Webinar Description: This webinar will discuss best practices through our end-to-end services and supporting software solutions. Our utility expertise covers the acquisition, review, inspection, analysis, prioritization of found defects, management, reporting, and publishing of collected data. We deliver data through a customer portal which is an interactive map that shows found defects ranked thematically by priority and presents data as conditions list, equipment inventory, joint-use attachment, attachment audit, and vegetation encroachment. Also, with our expertise and tools we can enhance the effectiveness with cooperatives that have their own drone programs.

Basics of Seismic Design

Paul Cardwell – Assistant Department Manager, CDG Engineers

Webinar Description: The U.S. has seen an increase in earthquakes and seismic activity. In addition, Illinois is in the New Madrid seismic zone which is the center of one of the largest earthquakes in North America. This presentation provides a framework of structural considerations for new or existing infrastructure for seismic design.

EV Market Update- EVs and Leasing

Keith Schieler – Lead Relationship Manager, Farm Credit Leasing
Teri Viswanath – Lead Energy Economist for CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange

Webinar Description: EV market update that includes EV adoption across the US to date, projected EV cost declines, and the potential for vehicle-to-grid integration. The second half of the presentation addresses how CoBank Farm Credit Leasing finances EVs and charging stations, solar leasing, and the most commonly leased assets by electric distribution cooperatives.

Maintenance of Your Electrical System for Maximum Reliability

Alan Holt, P.E. – Director of Training, Premier Power Maintenance

Webinar Description: This webinar will be covering a multi-faceted approach to system reliability, discussing reliability principles, needs/desires, system assessment, design flaws, batteries, transformers, circuit breakers and cables.