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Member Services

What comprises member services/marketing positions at cooperatives?

Member services/marketing representatives wear a lot of hats and their duties can vary from co-op to co-op. Some representatives are more communications-oriented and are responsible for writing/designing newsletters or magazine center sections, and are the co-op’s public relations link to the local communities and the media. They also coordinate the co-op’s activities through national brand Touchstone Energy, such as school programs and the Co-op Connections program and coordinate the co-op’s annual meeting, and other member gatherings.

Other member services/marketing reps focus more on energy efficiency. They assist with high bill complaints and conduct energy audits in members’ homes to identify opportunities for changes that can be made to help members save money on their electric bills. They also work closely with HVAC dealers in their areas and know the “ins” and “outs” of the latest heating and cooling technology.