Last month was our busiest for annual meetings, with 12 cooperative annual meetings on the calendar.

Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative

Eastern Illini hosted its 2024 Annual Meetings this June in Tuscola, at the Ford County Fairgrounds and at the Iroquois County Fairgrounds. Three members of the board of directors ran uncontested and were reelected for 3-year terms — Steve Meenen (District 3), Bruce Ristow (District 4) and Bradley Ludwig (District 6). The EIEC board held a reorganizational meeting following the annual meeting and elected officers: Chairman Kevin Moore, Vice Chairman Bruce Ristow, Secretary/Treasurer Steve Meenen, and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Chad Larimore.

EnerStar Electric Cooperative

EnerStar Electric Cooperative hosted its members Saturday, June 1 at Paris High School for its 85th Annual Meeting of Members. Rob Anderson of Anderson Law Office gave the results of the director election. All candidates ran unopposed and were elected to new 3-year terms: Kevin Julian (Voting District A, Representative District 2), Darin Griffin (Voting District B, Representative District 4) and Julie Higginbotham (Voting District C, Representative District 7).

Anderson also presented the proposed bylaw changes. The first proposal was for Article IV, Section 7, in which an unopposed director candidate will not have to go through the election process and will instead be presented as a verbal vote during the annual meeting. It also determined that if there were a tie between two candidates, a drawing of lots would decide the winner. The other proposal was for Article VII, Section 3 regarding capital credits. The wording changed for the selection of credits from “the most recent” to “prior” fiscal year. Both amendments were passed.

M.J.M. Electric Cooperative, Inc.

M.J.M. Electric Cooperative members gathered on Thursday, June 6, for the 85th Annual Meeting of Members at M.J.M. headquarters in Carlinville. An election of directors was also conducted. Robert Moore, District 2; Charles Huebener, District 3; and Todd Stewart, District 8, were all reelected to new 3-year terms on the board.

Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co.

Members of Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative (RECC) gathered for the 87th Annual Meeting in Springfield at Erin’s Pavilion in Springfield, on Thursday, June 6, 2024. During the meeting, Cooperative Attorney Jerry Tice conducted the election of directors; the three candidates — Andy Goleman (District 7), Neil Bryan (District 8) and Cassie Eigenmann (District 9) — ran unopposed and were reelected to 3-year terms.

The membership then approved a proposed amendment to the cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation that would provide additional flexibility for the board to address competition and develop new services and programs for the cooperative. Members also approved the proposed bylaw changes outlined in the Annual Meeting Notice.

Spoon River Electric Cooperative

Spoon River Electric Cooperative (SREC) consumer-members gathered at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Lewistown on Thursday, June 6 for the electric co-op’s 87th Annual Meeting of Members. SREC’s 2024 Annual Meeting marked new 3-year terms for three members on the board of directors. Members voted to reelect JoDee Pedigo of Glasford, Dan Williams of Smithfield and Bernard Marvel of Browning. The election was not contested.

Shelby Electric Cooperative

Shelby Electric Cooperative’s (SEC) consumer-members gathered at the Shelby County 4-H Fairgrounds on Friday, June 7 for their co-op’s Annual Meeting of Members. During the meeting, the membership also voted on an amendment to SEC’s bylaws. Bylaw changes require a majority vote of SEC members attending the annual meeting, and this one was approved.

In addition, an election was held for seats on the board of directors. Robert Holthaus of Stonington, Greg Mackling of Dalton City and Brent Lively of Taylorville were reelected to 3-year terms to represent districts 1, 2 and 7, respectively.

Wayne-White Electric Cooperative

More than 550 members attended the 87th Annual Meeting of Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative. The meeting was held in the gymnasium of the Wayne City School on Friday evening, June 7, 2024. Three directors were reelected during the meeting, Larry Hosselton (District 1), Bryan Williams (District 5), and Richard Rubenacker (District 7). Each race was uncontested.

Illinois Electric Cooperative

The 2024 Annual Meeting of the Members of Illinois Electric Cooperative took place June 8 at Winchester Grade School. Four directors were elected to the board, including newcomer Patrick Simon.

Monroe County Electric Cooperative, Inc.

A cool, rainy Saturday morning did not stop Monroe County Electric Cooperative (MCEC) members from attending the 85th Annual Meeting of Members at MCEC headquarters on June 8. MCEC’s attorney Kurt Schroeder conducted the elections. Members voted to re-elect Rich Hollis, northern district; Suzanne Knake, central district; and Quent Stenzel, southern district, to new 3-year terms. Knake is a newly elected board member taking place of Larry Kraft. Kraft served on MCEC’s Board of Directors for 30 years and did not seek reelection.

CornBelt Energy

Approximately 367 cooperative members and their families attended Corn Belt Energy Corporation’s 86th Annual Meeting, held at Normal Community High School on June 14. During the business meeting, the following directors were elected to serve 3-year terms: Janice Reimer (District 1), Denise Mayes (District 1), Kay Werts (District 4), and Barbara Metzger (District 6). After the business meeting concluded, the directors held a reorganizational meeting. They reelected Rae F. Payne as Chairman, Dennis Fredrickson as Vice Chairman, Pete Borowski as Secretary-Treasurer, and Janice Reimer as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.


The Annual Meeting of Members of JCE Co-op was held in Geneseo, Thursday, June 20, at Saint Malachy School. Four director districts were up for election. Pat Smith (District 5), David Senn (District 7) and Robert Kuhns (District 10) retained their seats, and Ted James was newly elected to represent District 8.

Western Illinois Electrical Coop.

Members of Western Illinois Electrical Coop. (WIEC) gathered Thursday, June 27 at the Hancock County Extension Center in Carthage for their co-op’s 84th Annual Meeting of Members. During the meeting, an election was held for three seats on the board of directors. District 1 Director Kim Gullberg, District 2 Director Dustin Walker and District 3 Director Jay Morrison ran unopposed and were reelected to new 3-year terms.