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NRECA (CCD) 2640

  • June 22, 2020 - June 23, 2020
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Financial Decision Making

WebEx Online Class

June 22-23 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Instructor:  Scott Luecal

Limited to 40 Attendees

Registration Deadline: June 15, 2020


This course is designed to help directors understand the role of the board in financial planning, including identifying the basic documents used in financial planning and reporting, assessing the issues that drive financial decisions, balancing competing goals, and taking responsibility to monitor and evaluate results.

NRECA has tailored this online training to be a rich educational experience that you can participate in without travel. A greater focus will be on the instructor’s expertise and experience while teaching the course content. Questions and comments are welcome and managed in a way that supports collaboration and interaction and avoids having one person speak over another.

The course will be divided into two sessions and delivered over two consecutive days. You must participate in both sessions to earn course credit.


  • Identifying the key financial decisions boards must make
  • Recognizing three key financial documents and three key financial ratios
  • Understanding the basics of allocating and retiring capital credits policy
  • Understanding key elements of an Equity Management Policy
  • Identifying rate-making basics
Day 1 Schedule:

9:00 am – Start/Instruction
9:50 am –  10-Minute Break
10:00 am – Instruction
10:50 am –  10-Minute Break
11:00 am – Instruction
11:50 pm – Homework Assignment/Adjourn

Day 2 Schedule:

9:00 am – Start/Instruction
9:50 am –  10-Minute Break
10:00 am – Instruction
10:50 am –  10-Minute Break
11:00 am – Instruction
12:00 pm – Adjourn


PLEASE LOG IN TO THE COURSE 15 MINUTES EARLY ON BOTH DAYS so that we can establish audio connections and be sure everyone is connected and comfortable.

We’ll be using a tool some of you are familiar with called WebEx – a virtual meeting/training tool. If you have never used WebEx before, you will need to download the software on the computer you plan to use in the class by CLICKING HERE. Also, you may want to take a moment to review this short instructional video that explains some WebEx basics.


A participant guide and log in information will be sent to you a few days before the course begins.


You will need the following equipment to successfully participate in the course:

  • PC or desktop computer with camera (iPad screens may be too small)
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Telephone (either smart phone or land line)


  • NRECA – 1 credit


Directors of cooperative boards and CEO’s who serve on G&T boards.


Cancellations made prior to the event will not be charged.  There will be a $25 charge for registered participants that do not cancel or are “no shows”.  Due to the limited class size and waitlist registration substitutions are not allowed.