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Cooperative Safety Leadership Award

PURPOSE: The purpose of the AIEC Cooperative Safety Leadership Award is to recognize safety awareness and reward cooperatives that demonstrate safety leadership, promote safety culture and go above and beyond normal safety expectations.

ADMINISTRATION:  Eligible submissions will be reviewed by AIEC Staff to ensure the eligibility requirements stated above have been met.

DEADLINE:  Submissions must be received no later than January 3, 2020.

Cooperative Safety Leadership Award

Your Information

Required Criteria (MUST MEET ALL)

You must submit OSHA 300 log - The number of accident/illness must meet the determined threshold.

Upload OSHA 300 Log (PDF) *
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
Provide evidence of a safety enhancement that has proven to reduce and/or eliminate employee exposure to hazards and improve your overall safety culture for 2019. This can include one or more of the items listed below, please provide detailed information for each item you have selected
Completed goal in RESAP Improvement Plan
Improved work practices that have been implemented
Engineering control(s) that have been implemented and resulted in imporved safety of system
Hazard mitigation(s) completed by your cooperative
Proactive safety programs implemented (safety suggestion program, safety observations programs, find it/fix it, good catch programs)