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Chip-n-Pop Co-op

Chip-n-Pop Form DUE May 7!

One interesting part of our trip is the formation and running of our own cooperative, which will provide sodas/waters and snacks for our Youth Tour participants. This project is educational and practical and accomplishes two things. First, it provides soda at discount prices for all of us (soda machines in Washington are expensive) and it teaches everyone about starting and operating a cooperative and being a co-op “member owner.”

Our co-op will be very similar to your electric or telephone cooperative or other local member owned cooperative. The main difference is that our co-op will provide soda, bottled water and snacks for the co-op members (us) – while we are on the trip.

It is recommended that everyone participate in some way.

Fill out your selection ranking them from 1 – 3. One being your first choice for you to participate in, on the trip. The positions nominating/steering committee will “lay the groundwork” for the co-op. This group will meet on one of the buses during the first leg of our journey and will interview and select board candidates. This will be the end of your responsibilities on the trip, other than being a member.

The second option is being on the board of directors (generally made up of 7-9 participants). This group will be responsible for the overall direction of the co-op and will select and “hire” a manager. The board of directors will meet several times throughout the week.

The manager will be responsible for the day to day operations. The manager will then “hire” an assistant(s) to carry out routine operations. These should be paid positions.

At the conclusion of the tour, the co-op board and manager will plan, develop and hold an “annual meeting,” at which time they will report to the members on the co-op’s operations during our week in Washington. At this time, the board will declare an end to operations and move to officially dissolve the co-op. If there are any “margins,” or funds remaining after operations are closed, the board will then consider a method of returning these margins to the members through a form of “capital credits.”

By participating as a board member, manager or employee this does NOT disqualify you to try for the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) position.

Chip-n-Pop Co-op

Please order which position you would like to hold in the Chip-n-Pop Co-op