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About Us

The Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives (AIEC) is the service organization for member electric and telephone cooperatives for the state of Illinois and their associate organizations.


Mission Statement

To provide leadership, expertise and unity of purpose in support of the cooperative utilities of Illinois and their efforts to improve the quality of life for their members.

A Brief History of the AIEC

The AIEC was organized in 1942 Petersburg, where its first offices were located. A.E. Becker served as Manager of the association from 1942 until his retirement in December of 1960. Thomas H. Moore assumed duties as General Manager of the AIEC on July 10, 1961, and served until his retirement on January 31, 1994. Earl Struck succeeded Moore on February 1, 1994, and served the association as President and Chief Executive Officer. Struck retired January 5, 2006. Former Illinois State Senator and Representative N. Duane Noland succeeded Struck and is the current President/CEO.

The board of directors of the AIEC consists of 28 members-cooperatives, representing each of its member-systems – the 25 electric distribution cooperatives and five power generation and transmission cooperatives. One director is elected by and from the board of directors of each member-cooperative. The six telephone cooperatives operating in Illinois are non-voting members of the AIEC.

The AIEC provides its members with the advantages of a large utility operation without sacrificing the local control and local ownership essential to the spirit of these tax-paying Illinois businesses. To achieve this objective, the association provides a variety of services for its member-systems. These include engineering services, coordination of safety programs, training of line personnel, legislative research and information, member communication programs, printing and publications, public relations, and group purchasing of materials and supplies. The AIEC also publishes Illinois Country Living, which is distributed monthly to member-owners of subscribing electric cooperatives throughout the state. The magazine provides feature articles on rural lifestyles, as well as regular columns on energy efficiency, household safety, lawn and gardening, and country recipes.