Each year, 12 $2,000 scholarships are awarded through the Thomas H. Moore IEC Memorial Scholarship fund. Six scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who are the sons or daughters of electric co-op members. A seventh scholarship, the Earl W. Struck Memorial scholarship, is awarded to the son or daughter of an electric co-op employee or director. Four additional scholarships are presented to students attending a two-year Illinois community college who are the sons or daughters of co-op members, employees or directors. The final scholarship, the LaVern and Nola McEntire Lineworker’s Scholarship, helps pay the costs to attend the lineweorker’s school conducted by the AIEC in conjunction with Lincoln Land Community College.

Traditional scholarship recipients

  • Lilian Baumgartner – Illinois Electric Cooperative
  • Owen Henderson – Clinton County Electric Cooperative
  • Philip Hildebrand – Western Illinois Electrical Coop.
  • Ian Kinsel – Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association
  • Audrey McNamara – Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative
  • Andrea Miller – SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative

Earl W. Struck Memorial scholarship recipient

  • Corrie Grubb – Tri-County Electric Cooperative

Community college scholarship recipients

  • Savannah Grimes – Norris Electric Cooperative
  • Raegan Halley – Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative
  • Autumn McMahan – Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative
  • Emmalyn Walk – Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative

LaVern and Nola McEntire Lineworker’s Scholarship

  • Zachary Suter

A sincere thank you to all cooperatives for the generous donations which makes the AIEC Annual Meeting auction so successful, all directors and staff who have contributed to the scholarship program by participating in the AIEC Annual Meeting auctions, and cooperative memorial donations. This scholarship fund has grown from two scholarships awarded in 1996 in the amount of $1,000 to now providing 12 scholarships throughout the state in the amount of $2,000.